Timber Ridge Ski Patrol

Welcome to the Timber Ridge Ski Patrol Website

Located in Southwest Michigan, the Timber Ridge Ski Area is home to the Timber Ridge Ski Patrol.

The strength of the Timber Ridge Ski Patrol lies in the cohesiveness of its membership. The patrol enjoys a reputation for being a closely-knit group of highly motivated individuals who are committed to volunteerism and the tenets of the National Ski Patrol. The patrol is bound together by a common enthusiasm for skiing/boarding and a commitment to providing quality medical care in emergency situations. This commitment is demonstrated by the number of leadership positions our members hold and their length of service. Bonds forged among the patrol’s membership transcend the ski season, leading to year-round activities for members and their families.

Outstanding highlights of Timber Ridge Ski Patrol:

  • Members of the Timber Ridge Ski Patrol hold NSP division, region, and section staff positions. Instructors and ITs on this patrol spend many days each ski season involved in training and evaluation programs for ski, toboggan, and OEC clinics at ski areas throughout the region and division.
  • The Timber Ridge Ski Patrol’s instructor corps, which includes several members who hold PSIA ratings, also dedicate time to senior-level clinics and evaluations in the region. These instructors and ITs also regularly participate in division training programs which take them to other NSP regions.
  • The Timber Ridge Ski Patrol's lead OEC instructor dedicates more than 250 hours planning classes, coordinating session instructors, teaching classes, doing administrative work, coaching candidates, and organizing evaluations - all in the off season.
  • The Timber Ridge Ski Patrol has an active and enthusiastic Junior Ski Patrol program for youngsters aged 8 through 15. The Junior Patrol program is open to children and grandchildren of current patrollers.